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Self Analysis

The research process is vital to your college search. Because your goal should be to find the college that is right for you, it is your responsibility to gather as much information as you can about those that you are interested in. The process of choice is yours. You will certainly want to decide your list of colleges based upon current and reliable information. Recently much of the focus in the research process has focused on the Internet. Spend some time doing some research through the various websites, which are linked to the BISM High School Guidance office website. There are many websites that will not only help you with your college search and research but will also offer information on all aspects of college admissions. You can also check:

  • College guidebooks and videos (available in the guidance office).
  • Your college counselor and teachers, BISM alumni
  • College tours and college reps, Campus visits.

You need to take a close look at your academic record as well as your strengths, weaknesses, needs, and goals as you try to select colleges to which to apply. What your friends say about the “best school for you” and what your parents’ friends say is “good” are not particularly good indicators as to what is really “good” for you. You need to research what schools offer and how that fits with your needs. Keep in mind that what is “good” for one person is not necessarily “good” for you.

The Prestige Factor – School “Brand Name”

Students and parents should be wary of selecting a college based upon its name and the perceived prestige of that name. It must be kept in mind that at the prestigious, big name research universities, professors concentrate more on graduate students and research than they do on undergraduate students. The designer-label college diploma can assist in getting one’s first job but after that, jobs, promotions, and raises are based upon one’s personal qualities and achievements.

Where Friends Go

Going to college where your high school friends go can be great or terrible. As a general rule, select a school that is right for you and if your friends end up there then great. But don’t base your college decision (and potentially the rest of your life) on where your friends are going to school. After all, there is a good chance you will grow apart anyway. And you'll make more friends if you don’t have the old gang to fall back on. If you do end up going to the same college as a friend, you are better off not being roommates. Living with a person is a different story than simply being a friend and this scenario often leads to damaged friendships. And besides you’ll meet a lot more people and establish a larger circle of friends.

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