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Each October, students start frenzy into the whole college selection process. One key to avoiding being caught up in this rush is to start the process early. The intent of the Orientation and the College Planning Handbook that was given to each Junior was to help guide the student and parents through the process. Every parent and student should take the time to read through the booklet. Most of the information and resources used in the creation of this booklet have been borrowed, begged or stolen from a whole variety of other sources. We believe we have compiled the best information in the most compact format.

As you are thinking about going to college, there is a myriad elements about which you and your parents must think.  One of the primary considerations is that of the country in which you will study.  Once that is determined you have to decide.

Where?  Cost?  Major?  Which school?  And lots, lots more!!!

This guidebook is meant to provide you with some basic information as you think about higher education.  The emphasis is upon higher education in the United States as more and more BISM students are planning to go to the U.S. for their undergraduate college studies.  However, some information about other systems is included but is more limited in the U.S. data. To find general info about non-US systems, go to the appropriate page in this guidebook or visit websites.

College decisions are a collaborative effort among students, parents, counselors, teachers, friends, and admissions personnel.  Communication and information gathering from all sources are essential.  We have taken the liberty of extracting information from many primary and secondary sources as well as some opinions of our own to provide this eclectic presentation of information.

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