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The Early Learning Center (ELC) is a building specifically designed to meet the needs of children ages three (Nursery) to eight (Grade 2). The established curriculum includes Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Science, Science, Religious Studies, Physical Education, Music, Art and Computer Education. In addition to their own computer lab, ELC students have their own Library/Media Center, which they visit weekly.

Lower School classrooms are located in the main building. Core classes consist of Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Science, Science, Religious Studies, Physical Education, Choral Music, Art and Computer Education. Choral Music and recorder are part of the music program options in Grade 4, and in Grade 5 students may opt for Band, Choir or Strings. Lower School religion courses meet once a week and are gospel based. All Grade 4 and 5 students participate in a three-day/two-night camp experience every February. 

All Middle School students study the core subjects of Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Science, and Science. Middle School students also take Music, Physical Education, Religious Studies and Computer Education a Modern Language. The language program offers various levels of French, Mandarin, Pilipino and Spanish. The exploratory program in Middle School includes experiences in Art, Band, Choir, Drama and Strings. Middle School religion courses study the main religions of the world. All Middle School students also participate in a three-day/two-night retreat every February.

The Upper School offers a quality university preparatory curriculum for students in Grades 9 to 12. To graduate, students are required to take courses in English, Mathematics, Social Science, Science, Health and Physical Education, Visual and Performing Arts, Technology, Religious Studies and take a Modern Language that is not their native tongue. Modern Language courses are offered in English, French, Korean, Mandarin, Pilipino and Spanish, and can be arranged in other languages in grades 11 and 12. Students in Grades 11 and 12 take courses within the rigorous and challenging International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. Successful completion of the International Baccalaureate Diploma can lead to admission into top colleges and universities around the world. Participation in continuing Service Learning experiences as part of the CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) component of the IB Diploma Program is also a requirement for all graduates.


Student Achievement

In 2010 Brent adopted the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) to provide data on student achievement and guide instruction. Results from the previously used Stanford Achievement Test, version 9 (SAT9), consistently show that Brent Manila students in Grades 3 to 10 are well-above students in the U.S. when compared to the U.S. National Percentile Rank. Higher scores in Math when compared to Reading and Language scores can be attributed to the fact that approximately 75% of Brent Manila students carry passports from countries where English is not the primary language.

The Class of 2010 had 109 seniors. The total number of International Baccalaureate examinations taken by the Class of 2010 during their time in the Upper School was 542. Of those 109 graduating seniors, 57 attempted the full IB Diploma with 55 of those 57 students, or 97% of our IB candidates, being awarded their IB Diploma with a score of 25 or higher.

For more details, please read the Upper School Profile located in the Upper School tab.








Co-Curricular Activities

Students at Brent International School Manila are offered many co-curricular activities. A wide selection of activities is offered throughout the school year. The choices range from leadership-type organizations like Student Council or Model United Nations to arts and crafts, hobbies, music, dance, outreach and many others. 

Sports like badminton, baseball, basketball, cross-country, golf, rugby, soccer, softball, swimming, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, track and field, and volleyball are likewise offered during their specific seasons throughout the year. Students participating on these teams as well as in chess and academic bowl are given the opportunity to compete in various leagues, both local and international. The ISAC (International Schools Activities Conference) and the MANSAC (Manila Schools Activities Conference) allow Brent Manila students to compete with other international schools in the Philippines. Participation in APAC (Asia Pacific Activities Conference) events allows students to compete with schools in China, Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong.

Visual and Performing Arts professionals prepare students for interscholastic and international exchanges in band, choir, dance, drama, forensics, Model United Nation and strings. Each school division also has a major theater production per year in addition to band, choir and string concerts and recitals throughout the year. The culminating annual Festival of the Arts event held in April showcases individual as well as ensemble music performances together with student artwork and a dance recital.

Professionals in the Student Activities Office plan, coordinate, and oversee all these activities and sports events throughout the school year in order for all students to develop a holistic education while at Brent International School Manila.


Employee Data

There are 296 full-time employees at Brent International School Manila. Faculty members are credentialed teachers. Many have earned a Master's Degree, with a few having received a PhD. The majority of our faculty is foreign hires coming mainly from North America, England and Australia. Our committed faculty provide a spirit of caring on campus, sharing their expertise even outside of the classroom by coaching sports, directing theatrical productions, attending performances, chaperoning field trips, and more.

Professional development for faculty is valued. Teachers can attend workshops on campus, and also receive support to attend overseas conferences. Many of Brent's teachers have, over the years, been presenters at major conferences for international schools in the region.









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